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Government Of Assam Transformation and Development Directorate of Economics and Statistics

Ad-Hoc Survey

Ad-hoc Survey:  Movement of Workforce from one Activity to another Activityin the Rural Areas of Assam, 2008-2009 to 2012-2013

The objective of the survey is to depict a picture of the movement of the workforce from one activity to the other activity with a special emphasis of the movement of workforce from Agriculture sector. The study wants to explore the fact how the movement of workforce from Agriculture to other activities has changed the Sector wise composition of the GSDP of the State during the last five years. Attempt also made to study the change of location of the rural workforce in Assam during this period. A total of 438 villages are selected for the survey i.e. 2 villages from each block in the State. Household from the villages will be the ultimate stage of units and 12 households are randomly selected from each selected villages. For the survey during 2012-13 the primary work is completed and a report related to it also published.