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Government Of Assam Transformation and Development Directorate of Economics and Statistics

Price Data

  • The Price Division was created at the time of setting up of the Directorate in 1948. The main objective of this Division is to collect, compile and publish various price data. This Division has been providing data in the form of price bulletin and price index report to the public from time to time. The price data are basically used in -computation of price indices and preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual price statements for reviewing the price movement of the state. Some of the important price statistics are:

    1. Farm Harvest Price: Farm Harvest Prices of important agricultural commodities grown in the state are collected on weekly basis from 45 selected centers of the State by field officials posted in the Districts / Sub-Divisional Offices. On the basis of these price data the annual statement is prepared and index no. of Farm Harvest Prices is compiled at the instance of the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India as per its methodology. The Index is compiled with base 1993-94=100 covering 43 commodities. Index of Farm Harvest Price of Principal Crops in Assam (Base 1993-94 = 100) for 2015-16 for food is 352.18, non-food is 400.21 and combined (total) is 352.95.
    2. Wholesale Price : Wholesale Prices of Agricultural Commodities are collected from 55 selected markets in Assam. Out of these 55 markets 30 are primary markets and 25 are terminal markets. Using these prices Wholesale Price Indices (WPI) are compiled and published regularly monthly basis. The Index number of WPI for Agricultural Commodities (base 1993-94) for the state of Assam for December 2016 is 352.
    3. Urban Retail Prices: Urban Retail Prices of important commodities are collected weekly from 31 centers located in the different Districts of Assam. On the basis of these data, monthly price report / fortnightly reviews, price bulletin are prepared.
    4. Rural Retail Prices: Rural Retail Prices of important commodities are collected weekly and fortnightly from 25 centers of the state. On the basis of these data monthly price index, price bulletin are prepared regularly. The latest available CPI (Rural –Plain Districts) (base 1999-2000) is of November 2016 is 341.
    5. Monthly Retail Price of Essential Agricultural Commodities Grown and Sold in Rural Areas & Agricultural Labour Wages: Monthly retail prices of important agricultural commodities Grown and Sold in Rural Areas of the state are collected from 13 different centers
      The prevalent rates of Wages of Agricultural Labourers are also collected from 23 (twenty three) centres & consolidated statement of the wages is prepared. Monthly Review/ Statement of Rural Retail Prices for Essential Commodities for the month of December 2016 has prepared recently.
    6. Consumer Price Index Number : The Consumer Price Index Number (CPI) also known as Cost of Living Index Number generally represent the average change over time in the prices paid by the ultimate consumer for a specified market of goods and services. The CPI helps in determining the effect of rise and fall (i.e. inflation and deflation) in prices in different class of consumer living in different areas. CPI numbers published by the Directorate are:
      • CPI for Industrial Workers for some specific locations: CPI(IW) for Doomdoma, Mariani, Rangapara, Labac and Guwahati are compiled by the Labour Bureau, Govt. of India with base year 2001. The earlier base year for these indices was of 1982. DES Assam compiles the monthly state CPI(IW) with the help of the indices of these five centres. The latest available CPI(IW) is for Assam is of March 2017 is 244 and for India it is 275 (at 2001 base year).
      • CPI for Working Class Population of some selected centres : CPI (WCP) is calculated on the basis of Tinsukia, Silchar and Guwahati centre for the State of Assam with base year 2001 and the latest available data is for the month of March 2017.
      • CPI for Rural, Urban and combined: In the instance of Central Statistical Office, Govt. of India DES Assam used to collect data and compile CPI for Rural, Urban and Combined in the State in every month. The present series is available with base year 2012. The CPI(R), CPI(U) and CPI(Combined) for Assam for May 2016 are 126.6, 124.7 amd 126.2 respectively.
    7. Quarterly Price of Building materials and Wages of Building Construction Workers: The prices of building materials and wages of building workers are collected on quarterly basis from Districts Head quarters by DES Assam. These statements are prepared and sent to National Building Organization (NBO) regularly. The latest available figure for the quarter ending September 2016.
    8. 8. Building Cost Index: At the instants of the National Building Organization (NBO), Govt. of India the Building Cost Index is compiled by the Directorate for Guwahati centre with new base year 2011-12 covering the prices of building materials and wages of construction worker and published regularly on yearly basis. The latest available figure for building cost index is of year 2015-16 (with 2011-12 base) 119.71 for Guwahati centre.
    Price Data
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