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Government Of Assam Transformation and Development Directorate of Economics and Statistics

Socio-Economic Survey

National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) was set up by the Govt. of India in 1950 to collect Socio Economic data implying scientific sampling methods. NSSO used to conduct country-wide survey in the form of round to collect information on various Socio-economic aspects of the people for various scheme and policy formulation. DES, Assam has also been participating in this national venture in equal matching sample basis since 14th Round of NSS, 1958-59. The current round i.e. 75th Round of NSS is already started in from July 2017 and will be ended on 30th June 2018 on Household Consumer Expenditure, Household Social Consumption on Health & Education. Some of the recent rounds of NSS surveys are as under:

Sl NoRoundSurvey PeriodSubjectFSUs allotted to state
166th RoundJuly,2009-June,2010Consumer Expenditure Type (I&II), Employment-Unemployment.432
267th RoundJuly,2010-June,2011Unincorporated Non-agricultural Enterprises Excluding Construction.488
368th RoundJuly,2011-June,2012Consumer Expenditure Type I &II), Employment-Unemployment.432
469th RoundJuly,2012-Dec.,2012Drinking Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Housing Condition, Particulars of Slum.280
570th RoundJan.,2013-Dec.,2013Land and Livestock Holdings, Debt and Investment, Situation Assessment Survey of Agricultural Household.280
671st  RoundJan.,2014-June,2014Social Consumption : Health, Social Consumption: Education282
772nd RoundJuly,2014-June,2015Domestic Tourism Expenditure468
873rd RoundJuly,2015-June,2016Unincorporated Non-agricultural Enterprises Excluding Construction516
974th RoundJuly,2016-June,2017Verification of List Frame Establishment, Survey of Services Sector3969
1075th RoundJuly,2017-June,2018Household Consumer Expenditure, Household Social Consumption: Health and  Household Social Consumption: Education468