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Government Of Assam Transformation and Development Directorate of Economics and Statistics

Our Publications
Some Regular and Adhoc Publications of the Directorate
1 Statistical Hand Book Statistical Hand Book, Assam, 2018
Statistical Hand Book, Assam, 2017
Statistical Hand Book, Assam, 2016
Statistical Hand Book, Assam, 2015
Statistical Hand Book, Assam, 2014
Statistical Hand Book, Assam, 2013
Statistical Hand Book, Assam, 2012
2 Economic Survey Economic Survey, Assam, 2016-17
Economic Survey, Assam, 2015-16
Economic Survey, Assam, 2014-15
Economic Survey, Assam, 2013-14
Economic Survey, Assam, 2011-12
Economic Survey, Assam, 2010-11
3 Assam at a Glance Assam at a Glance 2016
Assam at a Glance 2015
Assam at a Glance 2014
4 Report on Agriculture Census Report on Agricultural Census 2010-11 on Number and Area of Operational Holdings (Phase I)
Report on Agricultural Census 2005-06 on Number and Area of Operational Holdings
5 Report on Input Survey Report on Input Survey 2006-07
6 Estimates of Area, Production and Average Yield of Principal Crops in Assam State / District Wise Area, Production, Price and Value of Ten Major Crops in Assam From 2003-04 To 2012-13
Area, Production, Price and Value of Some Horticulture Crops in Assam From 2003-04 To 2012-13
Area, Average Yield and Production of Nine Principal Crops in Assam Since 1951-52 To 2013-14
7 Report on Economic Census Report on Sixth Economic Census - 2013, Assam
Sixth Economic Census, Abstract - 2013, Assam
8 Others Statistical Appriasal of Children in Assam 2014-15
Infrastructure Statistics of Assam 2014-15
A Type Study Report on the Economic Activities of Small Tea Growers in Assam (Reference Year 2013)
Report on Index of Industrial Production (A Time Series From 1970 to 2014)
A Report on Change of Economic Condition of Operational Holder Since of 1970-71 to 2010-11
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